Nattapon Kanokvaleewong

设计师简介: 姓名:Nattapon Kanokvaleewong 出生日期:1988年4月11日 伦敦中央圣马丁艺术与设计学院产品设计专业学士学位 朱拉隆功大学通信管理专业硕士学位 Nattapon Kanokvaleewong是Leisure Project Store(2012年创立)的创始人兼设计师。他独特和创新的男装设计源自他的日常生活和旅行。目前,他也是Bluepin Intertrade Group旗下的许多泰国知名品牌市场经理,曾是英国Vivienne Westwood品牌的视觉陈列师。 Leisure Project Store是由毕业于伦敦中央圣马丁艺术与设计学院的Nattapon Kanokvaleewong在2012年创立的曼谷男装品牌。品牌设计理念是为现代男士提供有趣味性和休闲的服饰。品牌的特色包括意想不到的样式组合、多种趣味性面料和印花的使用,搭配简单现代的轮廓,看上去更加年轻、生动。

2016 Leisure Project Store春夏系列的主题为“归宿”,回到最初,采用Leisure Project Store过去几季的核心轮廓设计和手法,这也是男士想在休闲服中混合一些不同以往的必要单品的需求。必要单品经过独一无二的拼接设计、电子印花处理和面料编织将给衣橱里单一的白衬衫带来生气。这一成衣系列带给人们独特、有趣和舒适的穿着体验。



此外,令Leisure Project Store自豪的是与曼谷新兴插画家Seatapron Korwanichakul(笔名为Bell或Painterbell)的合作, 其作品风格特别积极、有趣,他在“全球公民”系列中用开玩笑的形式诠释不同城市中与Bell工作方式相同的知名人士,同时反映出Leisure Project Store男士的态度,没那么严肃,懂得欣赏现代时尚。

DESIGNER PROFILE Name: Nattapon Kanokvaleewong DOB: 11:04:1988 -BA in Product Design, Central Saint Martins -MA in Communication Management, Chulalongkorn University Nattapon Kanokvaleewong, a founder and designer of Leisure Project Store (founded in 2012), A Unique and innovative men's attires inspire from his everyday life and traveling. He is also currently working as a Marketing Manager for many of Thailand's renowned brands under Bluepin Intertrade Group and was a Visual Merchandiser at Vivienne Westwood, UK. Leisure Project Store is the Bangkok base menswear label established in 2012 by Central Saint Martin's graduated Nattapon Kanokvaleewong. The brand is working on a design philosophy that produces fun and casual clothing for modern men. The signature of the brand includes the unexpected mix of styles and the use of various interesting fabrics texture and prints under clean and modern silhouette with an edge that is young and exciting. 

Leisure Project Store: Spring / Summer 2016, ‘Homecoming’ collection taking you back to our root, adopting key silhouette and technique from the past seasons that reflect the core value of Leisure Project store's gents who need off-beat essential items to mix it up in a casual day. Comfortable essentials with unique patchwork and electric print and texture twist will cut through the drab of the white shirts in your wardrobe. This brings us a marvelous unique, fun and comfortable ready-to- wear collection.

The Key items including a tri-colours twill bomber jacket, basic T-shirt and French-terry jumper embroidered with iconic heart-anchor logo, two-tone slim trousers and shorts. Moreover, the brand trademark ‘patch work’ technique is clearly presented within the collection such as patch works on shirts and shorts with different types and colors of stripes. To complete the collection, baseball caps with the same technique are also cannot be missed.

The materials used for the season are comfortable to wear such as top quality cotton, which are highly ventilated, suitable to tropic weather as well as printed fabric which are used for patch work details.

Furthermore, Leisure Project Store is proudly introducing mini collaboration collection with the up and coming illustrator “Bell” or "Painterbell" Seatapron Korwanichakul from Bangkok whose style can be describe as uber optimistic and playful, under the collection " The Global Citizen"  the tongue-in-cheek reinterpretation of famous icon of different cities which corresponds to the Bell's style of work and also reflect the Leisure Project Store men's attitude who are not taking things too seriously, and appreciation for modern fashion experimentalists.

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