Dream Day Wedding(嫁日花样年华)






新现代女性的时尚追求,结合国际潮流的独立个性,传承皇室传统奢华的工艺精髓,造就了嫁日婚纱品牌奢华、浪漫、优雅、精致的高端品质。VIP豪华超大服务空间内,全程二对一管家式服务,把专业与贴心融合,为您打造最专业舒适的体验。嫁日花样年华秉承“以人为本,卓尔不群”的经营理念,始终引领中国婚纱特有的时尚风潮,在礼服全面定制服务不断升级的同时,更开辟了高端定制彩妆造型服务。嫁日彩妆造型所选用的化妆品均为Chanel、Dior等国际一线知名品牌,推出适合新人的“裸妆”, 追求新娘本色魅力,让新娘美得像自己。


嫁日花样年华 —— 嫁衣·嫁日·嫁幸福!


Wedding dresses customization of Dream Day Wedding, a castle for new couples to realize their dreams, which can link each couple with a beautiful dream magically, decorate countless oath and  perfect their dreams about marriage!


Dream Day Wedding ─── A Pioneer in China’s Wedding Dress Industry

Day Dream Wedding has always been on leading edge of wedding dress trends since it got involved in this area in 1986. Over three decades,  with the cultural idea of“ wedding dress on dream day, brings happiness”, it has been geared at couples’ needs and nurtured their dreams! With a reputation of trendsetter in the fashion of wedding dresses, Dream Day Wedding group contains a strong international designer team and a powerful Chinese designer team. It has always taken the lead in the fashion of designing wedding dresses. New styles are constantly created in each season and shared among new couples at the first time. It strives to provide every bride with optimal design and high-quality dress. The material of all the wedding dresses are  checked by designers themselves to offer perfect products.


That modern women's fashion pursuit, the distinctive feature of international trend, and the luxury craftsmanship of the traditional royal family together creates a luxury brand of Dream Day Wedding, with romance, elegance and  exquisiteness. It will provide the luxury oversized service rooms and two to one butler service, combining the profession and consideration, in order to offer customers the most comfortable experience. With a managerial concept of “people oriented, being distinctive”, Dream Day Wedding has always led the fashion of Chinese wedding dress, with continuously upgrading customization services and even created high-end customized make-up services.   Dream Day Wedding offers world-renowned cosmetic brands, such as Chanel and Dior, etc. It recommends brides with naked make up to show the real charm of women and to let them be themselves.

A wedding dress shows a king of beauty, and your dresses can show yourself in the best possible light!

Dream Day Wedding ───“ Wedding Dress on Dream Day, Brings Happiness”!